DGP Collaborations

The SWD Core at the BRIDGE Center is working closely with the four participating DGPs to construct the DGP Modules (see information below on the four DGPs). Additional information is coming soon.

  • Bridge2AI: Voice as a Biomarker of Health: Building an ethically sourced, bioacoustic database to understand disease like never before.
    Precision Public Health: Using voice as a biomarker for human health, revealing how genomic variation, behavioral, and environmental factors affect individual and population health.
    Contact PI: Yael Emilie Bensoussan. Other PIs: Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon,  David A. Dorr,  Olivier Elemento, Alistair Edward William Johnson, Philip R.O. Payne, Maria Ellen Powell, Anais Rameau, Vardit Ravitsky, Alexandros Sigaras.
  • Bridge2AI: Cell Maps for AI (CM4AI) Data Generation Project.
    Functional Genomics: Mapping spatiotemporal architecture of human cells to interpret cell structure/function in health and disease.

    Contact PI: Trey Ideker. Other PIs: Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, Jake Yue Chen, Timothy W Clark, Nevan J Krogan, Emma Lundberg, Prashant Mali, Sarah J Ratcliffe, Vardit Ravitsky, Wade Loren Schulz.
  • Bridge2AI: AI-READI: Salutogenesis Data Generation Project.
    Return to Health (Salutogenesis): Uncovering the details of how human health is restored after disease, using type 2 diabetes as a model.
    Contact PI: Aaron Lee. Other PIs: Sally Liu Baxter, Christopher G Chute, Megan E Collins, Kadija Ferryman, Michelle Hribar, Samantha Hurst, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Cecilia Sungmin Lee, Alvin Y Liu, Gerald Mcgwin, Shannon K. Mcweeney, Camille Nebeker, Cynthia Owsley, Bhavesh Patel, Sara Jean Singer, Michael P. Snyder, Joseph Manuel Yracheta, Linda M Zangwill.
  • Bridge2AI: Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting Standards (CHoRUS) for Equitable AI.
    Clinical Care Informatics: Using imaging, clinical, and other data collected in an ICU setting for diagnosis and risk prediction.
    Contact PI: Eric S. Rosenthal. Other PIs: Azra Bihorac, Gilles Clermont, Gari David Clifford, Ashley Cordes, Barbara J. Evans, Xiao Hu, Rishikesan Kamaleswaran, Joseph Randall Moorman, Parisa Rashidi, Cynthia Rudin, Yulia A. Strekalova, Andrew Ewing Williams, Ishan Canty Williams.