Bridg2AI Grand Challenge Lectures

Human like robot talking to artificial intelligence. Concept. 3D illustration

The NIH Bridge2AI Consortium is presently engaging with 4 unique AI/ML BioMed data generation efforts dubbed Grand Challenges.

The Bridge2AI Training Working Group is a collaborative effort between the Bridge Center and each Grand Challenge (GC). We work together to provide resources for data users to learn about datasets, standards, analysis tools, and potential research opportunities unique to each respective GC within the Bridge2AI Consortium.

Each Bridge2AI GC engages with datasets unique to their respective objectives and serves the rapidly growing community of scholars interested in AI/ML BioMed applications by sharing lessons learned and guiding future AI/ML BioMed scholars through lectures. Below are lectures developed by the Bridge2AI Training Working Group introducing Bridge2AI Scholars to respective Grand Challenge datasets providing scholars with the technical know-how needed to get started on their own AI/ML BioMed research investigations.

Specific to each GC, lectures in this curriculum:

  • Provide clinical context for data collection;
  • Characterize the features of each data types;
  • Describe how the data was collected (meta data);
  • Enumerate existing data standards, APIs, and tools;
  • Discuss case studies & potential applications.

Please check our Bridge2AI Training Event Calendar to follow these Lectures.