Mission Statement

The Bridge2AI Bridge Center Training Team at UCLA, within the context of the recommendations outlined by the ACD AI WG, is committed to advancing the intersection of biomedical sciences and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML). We aim to cultivate a new generation of experts through multi-level curricula that integrate healthcare ethics and offer hands-on interdisciplinary challenges. Our mission focuses on fostering collaboration across disciplines, enhancing data use ethics, and equipping learners with the skills to navigate and apply AI/ML in real-world biomedical contexts, thereby shaping the future of healthcare innovation and policy.

Training Goals & Milestones

  1. To ensure ethical sourcing and trustworthiness in educational datasets and tools through ETAI curricula, educating current and future AI/ML BioMed scholars about essential ethical considerations in AI/ML applications in biomedicine.
  2. To create a unified language for AI science that bridges disciplines, simplifying complex terms for everyone involved in AI-enhanced biomedical science and clinical practice.
  3. Support flagship data generation by leading the launch of Data Jamboree efforts in collaboration with Bridge2AI Grand Challenges (Voice, AI-READI, CM4AI, and CHoRUS) in 2024, leveraging early DGP data releases.
  4. To design and implement curricula and pedagogy fostering next-generation AI/ML BioMed experts, sharing educational resources, and establishing foundational training materials to unify learning objectives across diverse programs.
  5. Establish and oversee a consortium-wide Bridge2AI Scholar Program aimed at fostering mentor-mentee connections across all DGPs/GCs, emphasizing trainee success narratives and facilitating networking avenues for participants.