Mission Statement

Creating education modules; illustrating key concepts as well as practical use cases in contemporary AI; building collaborative training activities around DGP datasets and tools; and assuring all SWD materials are ethical and trustworthy AI (ETAI).


  1. To reinforce ethical sourcing and to assure education datasets/tools are ethical trustworthy.
  2. To establish a common language for transdisciplinary AI science, to relate terminologies across biologists, statisticians, clinicians, and ML computer scientists. Our goal is to demystify technical jargon in AI supported biomedical science and clinical practice.
  3. To create practical knowledge on how to utilize and appropriately process datasets generated by DGPs; to provide training materials with sufficient background to understand the clinical and biological significance of DGP datasets; to engage DGP Investigator teams in a collaborative fashion in the above process.
  4. To foster young investigator career building in AI science.
  5. To disseminate AI training materials, aiming at a long lasting impact.
  6. To construct and build the best practices for SWD.