Training on AI Basic Concepts

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The Fundamental Concepts to AI/ML Module systematically covers foundational concepts and state of the art technologies supporting AI and ML. The 10 lectures collected in the 2022-23 series, include basic elements of AI/ML, common practices in biomedical data science, and advanced AI/ML models and applications. Lectures 1 and 2 establish the foundational concepts required for all AI/ML models. Lectures 3 to 6 address common practices in biomedical data science targeting broadly ML users in biomedical fields, including data preparation, feature engineering, statistical learning, and model evaluation. Lectures 7 to 10 explores advanced ML models and applications featuring reinforcement learning, AutoML, Multi-modal Learning, and Clinical Natural Language Processing.

Building upon these concepts, the next series will introduce advanced and comprehensive training on practical applications of deep learning models as well as materials in collaboration with the Tool Optimization Core and the Data Generation Projects within the BRIDGE2AI Consortium.

Here is the collection of 10 lectures for the Training on AI/ML Basic Concepts Module for the 2022-2023 series, which are highlighted on our Bridge2AI e-Learning Portal with other lecture modules.