Mentor-Mentee Networking

Mentor teaching student pointing at laptop screen

To enact long-lasting change in the biomedical AI/ML research community, the SWD Core of NIH BRIDGE CENTER at UCLA aims to foster the growth of next-generation multidisciplinary physicians and investigators, the driving force enabling Bridge2AI. To create an ethical equitable society and positively impact individual lives, the AI/ML healthcare field must include stakeholders from all communities, including underrepresented minority groups. Deeply rooted in the compassion of ETAI, the SWD Core is building and recruiting a diverse and well-represented mentor-mentee networking program.

Mentors will be experts in fields relevant to biomedical AI/ML and will provide guidance and support to mentees; mentees will be motivated individuals interested in developing skills and competencies in such related fields. The mentor-mentee relationship can include but is not limited to:

  • Accelerating the growth and career development of the mentee through expert guidance.
  • Promoting mentor-mentee discussions centered on sensitive ETAI issues by bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Incubating technical innovation, AI-clinical practices, and other emerging applications, as well as stimulating further training and collaboration opportunities.
  • Cultivating a thriving Bridge2AI community of competent professionals equipped with enhanced biomedical AI/ML skillset and a nuanced understanding of issues surrounding ETAI.